Frisco, TX City Council purchases 240 acres from Brinkman Ranch which will be primarily used for athletic fields and future community and economic development projects.

For all of you Frisco locals, who enjoys driving by Brinkmann Ranch to see the longhorns and cows grazing on the open land? I know it always makes me smile at a small piece of the country hanging on in the middle of the busy city. In the future, this land will be looking a little different. Last night, the Frisco City Council unanimously approved an agreement to purchase property from Brinkmann Ranch for a total cost of $61 million.

The tract of land is located at the southwest corner of Panther Creek Parkway and Preston Road. Approximately 240 acres will be used for athletic fields; the rest of the land will be used by the city’s community and economic development corporations for future development projects, which could include city facilities.

Per the City of Frisco, there is no design or master plan yet for the new 240 acres of city park land.  The staff says that a variety of athletic field needs will be considered for the open space including, but not limited to, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse and cricket.  The vision also includes turf practice fields, hike and bike trails, even a pond be incorporated into the park’s design.

As Frisco continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the city has a target goal of 11.5 acres per 1,000 people. The City of Frisco already owns 1,600 acres of land dedicated to parks, including 900 acres of developed parks.  With the acquisition of this property, Frisco’s dedicated park space totals approximately 1,840 acres.

The City of Frisco is having to change as its population continues to grow. We will be interested to what this development will look like in the future.

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