Tips for Prepping the House to Place on the Market

I know from personal experience that some families can take several months to finally pull the trigger on listing their home. Once the decision is made a heavy lull can fall upon the family, how in the world are we going to prepare this home for showings?!

I have put together a few helpful tips on doing just that!

1) Pack

You will need to pack when your home sells, so let’s go ahead and get to it!  You can grab some tupperware bins and boxes to neatly and quickly eliminate the clutter in your home.  Don’t forget that you are going to sell and toss so many items in your home when you move, so go ahead and do that as well!  You will be so happy with your new minimalist home, and may even wonder if you should stay!  But don’t!  We are moving forward!

2) Invite a Friend Over

I don’t mean that sweet “yes” friend.  We mean that friend that’s not asked for their opinion because you are so scared to hear it.  Yes, that friend!  Have them on over, and let the criticism fly!  Possibly pre-empt the visit however with the limits of your budget so that they don’t throw something out like, “I have always hated the shingles on your home”!  This visit will give you a great second opinion, and hopefully you two can remain friends!

3) Open the Blinds

I know that shedding light on every situation is not always helpful, especially when it looks like a bomb has gone off after you all were late for church this morning.  However, it’s time to face the music so open them on up and have a look at what the prospective buyers will see.  This will help you to look at your home from a whole new view, as it is not one that you are used to seeing.  This tip may be performed while holding a glass of your favorite responsible beverage.

4) Bring in some Fresh Flowers

Having fresh flowers in your home just starts the idea that this home is to be cared for, it’s special, and we are in a special season.  The flowers can also serve as a gentle reminder for everyone living in the home that this place needs to be kept as beautiful as the flowers right now, so please pick up the 19 items that you just strategically placed along the living area floor and stairs.

5) Breathe…

Your occupation may not be a mover, interior designer, or house-flipper so have some grace for yourself in this foreign season of your life.  Breathe.  You still live here and so do your children, if you have not sent them away at this point.  Continue to make memories, enjoy the space you are in, and allow your kiddos to walk across the vacuum cleaner marks.  Your home may still sell if they do.

We sincerely hope that you have an amazing home-selling experience, and that this humorous post allowed you to look at the bigger picture. If you need anyone from our team to be “that” friend from #2 we would be more than happy to help!

We wish you the best of luck!

Jessie Rush Cox – (972) 795-0215

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