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Tips to help you renovate smart!

The center of the party, the heart of the home, the work station of the family! These are all the reasons we love to love our kitchen. In most homes the kitchen is the focus of the whole home! I know no matter what I do to try and have people spread out in my home while entertaining it NEVER works! The Kitchen is one of the most renovated areas in a home.

There are many tips out there to help you create the Dream Kitchen for your family while still keeping in mind the value of resale and your budget.

When considering renovations it can be very overwhelming. Sometimes we have to many option and we can’t decide where to start. Do we want French Country or Modern, tile or wood?

That is just the beginning.

I have a few tips to consider when doing your remodel.

  • Decide on your budget and layout. If you have a lower budget stick with the current plumbing and electric.
  • Look at a good flow of your counters that will match what you use your kitchen for the most.
  • Receive at least 3 quotes and include the labor cost.
  • Hire researched professionals!
  • Two of the most important things to focus on is lighting and cabinets. Then your countertops.
  • To control budget you can mix and match your materials and appliances . Also consider online ordering.
  • Plan for lots of storage in your cabinet. This is always something you want later.
  • Keep neutral colors that will appeal to you in 5 years! This will also help resale value.
  • Check all your items for damage before the delivery man leaves.
  • Avoid paying full amount in advance. This will help you with negotiations at the end if needed.

These are just a few helpful hints to help you when looking at renovations. Look through some of these great ideas to inspire you. When it comes down to it our kitchen is the heart of the home! It is where we cook for our families, have meals together, sit with friends, and share stories together.

We all want the “DREAM KITCHEN”

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