IMG_1362If the friends we choose decides the future we will have, it is of utmost importance that we choose wisely!  As we enter into the new year, we need to take inventory of the individuals that we are surrounded by the most.  What is important to me, may not be important to you. Even though that does not always signify correct or incorrect, it can lead to unwanted results in our lives as we aim to please the ones we love the most.

Do these friends hold the same ideals, values, and ambitions?  Or are they resigned to negativity and bitterness?

It’s time to find a larger perspective on this big, beautiful life before it swallows us whole.  If we are drenched in negativity though our relationships we are often persuaded to buy into such a premise.  It is a whole lot easier to bring someone down, than it is to pick someone up.

If we can have power in numbers, however, of positive individuals forming a positive, encouraging, mature tribe than we are really onto something. This situation would grow such an amazing and prosperous life.

Is physical activity, health, and wellness at the top of their list of priorities?  Or can they slip into a sedentary lifestyle just as quickly?

Resolutions tend to shoot straight for the number on a scale! It is important to remember that health is holistic, combining not only physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual.  If you can find a set of friends that believes in the benefit of exercise and whole foods on the mind, body, and spirit, rather than how quickly can we get that number on the scale to drop by living on cabbage…..and cabbage only than you are going to be that much more successful with your goals and resolutions!  Do not give up on these!  If you have not ever followed through with your health and wellness goals, you may have not realized the impact your negative and bitter friends had on your “drive” to succeed.  This is a new year, and this is a better you!

Seek Wise Counsel. Learn from the wiser and more successful.

This one can be a bit difficult because none of us enjoy being the weakest link, but maybe this part of the journey is humility, and humility is like hitting the jackpot when you can find it in a dear friend. However, this one may be the most important.  We all need someone to pick us up when we fall, push us when we slow down, or toss a rope down into the pit we have found ourselves to be at the bottom of.  Do you remember being down at the bottom of that pit and looking to your bestie for rescue, only to realize he/she was at the bottom of their own pit?  It is important for us to have leaders among us that have conquered those pits and are ready to lead us up and out of ours!

It can start with us.  We can be the ignition.  Pay attention to the influence you have had on your best friends, and also the influence they have had on you.  Where did you go right or wrong?  Where did they make you better or worse?  Turn and teach.  Use what you are realizing about your relationships to help others softly clean out their own lives, also.

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